Mable’s Smokehouse: The Spirit of the South in Brooklyn

If you are from the South, you’ll probably agree that Mable’s is your home away from home. Owners Meghan Love and Jeff Lutonsky take pride in opening this place 6 years ago on Berry Street in Williamsburg. Now, it isn’t just an old tonic water factory but a place where family traditions and great food unite.

According to Lutonsky, who grew up in Oklahoma, the place was named after his late grandmother, Mable, as a tribute for her great recipes and how her food was known around town for being amazingly delicious. His wife, Love, who grew up in Kentucky, says that they really want diners to feel the spirit of barbecue and the south. Once you take a bite of their ribs, you’ll definitely say that you haven’t tasted anything exactly like it. The ribs are coated with grandma Mable’s special sauce and rub. The brisket is smoked just right, until the rub has blackened and hardened. Underneath is fat that melts and turns buttery after being smoked for 10-14 hours.

They not only boast of having the best ribs, but their sides are also to die for. Their mac and cheese “no frills, down home. Like what you had when you were a kid – gooey, Velveeta” says Lutonsky. Their collard greens – “we’re very proud… They’re just so delicious” Love says.

If you want to try Mable’s southern cooking, they have de lux platter, 3 meats and 3 sides, perfect for 2-3 persons. And don’t forget to get dessert, their candied yams are a big hit, too.

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