Williamsburg Specials: Complimentary Movie and Mac & Cheese night at Huckleberry Bar

Complimentary Movie and Mac & Cheese tonight at Huckleberry Bar

“We are revamping their long running movie Mondays and it’s awesome-er than ever! Every month will be a different movie theme and a different drink special! Plus complimentary mac and cheese!!

Next in line of our western theme is the brooding classic Once Upon A Time in the West! Charles Bronson stars as a revenge minded, harmonica playing gun slinger set on taking down the bad guys. In honor of the western theme we’ll be offering a shot of Taos Lightning rye whiskey and a bottle of Lone Star beer for $5.

Come watch a movie with us! Movies start at 9:00 pm! ” – Huckleberry Bar


Click here for upcoming movie schedule

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