Williamsburg’s William Vale is one of the Most Popular Spots in New York City

If you ever feel like you take taxis to all of the same places, you’re not alone. Lyft makes a series of similarly repetitive drop-offs, and to commemorate them they’ve awarded Lyftie Awards to the most popular destinations around the country. In New York, their drivers were most often directed to Vandal, House of Yes, Madison Square Garden and The William Vale.

The Williamsburg luxury hotel The William Vale is another hot spot on Saturdays, which anyone who has waited in line to stand on the roof can attest to. It helps that it was featured heavily as a romantic backdrop during a rose ceremony on The Bachelor.  The couple on the reality show might have broken up, but the hipster hotel’s popularity has endured.

Lyft also chronicled where riders across America requested to visit, and the list includes Café Du Monde in New Orleans, Catch LA in West Hollywood (they recently catered DJ Khaled’s birthday party) and American Social in Miami.

Written By Margaret Abrams | Full Story on Observer.com

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